SAIKE 9936 45W Portable Soldering Station

///SAIKE 9936 45W Portable Soldering Station
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Project Description

1. With the portable design, SAIKE 9936 portable soldering station weighs 500g or so, and is small in size. It is conveniently to take and operate.
2. It applies integrated design with high-efficient switching power supply and power control system. Controlled by the SAMSUNG microcomputer PID, it allows for fast warming. Only 15 seconds are required for the temperature rising from 30℃ to 300℃.
3. Both temperature and standby time are adjustable through the NC control. This equipment can real-time display the actual temperature.
4. The intelligent software design allows for automatic high temperature alarming, and automatic fault detection.
5. The SAIKE 9936 portable soldering station has a wide application range. It is suitable for the world-wide use. No power adapter is needed.


Model   9936
Weight   0.72kg
Case size   126cm*54*35mm
Inner box size   220*155*105mm
Packing quantity   16 Piece / boxes
Outer packing size   470*340*450mm
Soldering iron
Working voltage   AC110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Output voltage   AC24V
Power dissipation   10-50W
Heating element   A1322 ceramic heating core
Temperature range   200℃-480℃
Display form   LED digital (resolution 1℃)
Temperature stability   ±2℃(no load)
Handle length   About 100cm(Including handle line)

Standard Configuration
Machine Unit : 1set
Soldering Iron Handle (include iron tips and heater): 1pc
Iron Holder: 1pc
Clean Sponge: 1pc
Manual: 1pc
Power Plug: 1pc

SAIKE 9936 portable soldering station is suitable for the de-soldering and maintenance work of chip components, plug-in components, cables, and integrated components of the circuit board, in the electronic products production line, mobile phone repair industry, and precision electronic repair industry.

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