SAIKE 928 75W Soldering Station

///SAIKE 928 75W Soldering Station
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Project Description

1. SAIKE 928 soldering station uses SAMSUNG SCM PID procedures to realize the real-time tracking and correction of soldering iron temperature.
2. It comes with fast temperature compensation speed, which ensures stable temperature with minimum temperature error.
3. This constant temperature digital soldering station suits to all kinds of environmental extremes. It can automatically detect the failures and has alarm function.
4. With the high-power imported heater, it is not only suitable for general small solder joints, but also applicable for desoldering large, complicated solder joints.
5. Our constant temperature digital display soldering station is designed to be anti-static, thus to avoid the damage to the delicate components.


Model  928
Type  LED indicator light
Input voltage  220V/50Hz(110V/60Hz)
Weight  2.2kg
Case size  140cm*113*93mm
Inner box size  170*310*110mm
Packing quantity  12 Piece / boxes
Outer packing size  540*325*470mm
Soldering iron
Working voltage  AC220V/50HZ(AC110V/60Hz)
Output voltage  AC24V
Power dissipation  75W
Heating element  A1321 ceramic heating core
Temperature range  200℃-480℃
Display form  LED digital (resolution 1℃)
Temperature stability  ±2℃(no load)
Handle length  About 100cm(Including handle line)

Standard Configuration
Machine Unit: 1set
Soldering Iron Handle (include iron tips and heater): 1pc
Ferroalloy Holder: 1pc
High Temperature Resistant Sponge: 1pc
Manual: 1pc
Power Plug: 1pc

This constant temperature digital display soldering station is high in power, fast in temperature compensation. Aside from the general type soldering application, it is also suitable for de-soldering large solder joints, rough blocks, and miscellaneous difficult solder joints.

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