SAIKE 909D++ Hot air soldering station with USB 5V and DC Power Supply 15V 2A

///SAIKE 909D++ Hot air soldering station with USB 5V and DC Power Supply 15V 2A
SAIKE 909D++ Hot air soldering station with USB 5V and DC Power Supply 15V 2A 2019-01-18T11:18:34+00:00

Project Description

SAIKE 909D++ soldering rework station with power supply is made with the latest SMD technology. It has a dual LED display to show the temperature of hot air gun and electric soldering iron. Coupled with the PID program, the temperature can be precisely controlled. Our equipment also has the advanced short circuit protection function. Furthermore, it can test and output voltage.
Adopts the high power soldering iron and the power supply part has 15V 2A. It is suitable for the high-end users, and can meet the requirements of special application environment.
1. This products is designed based on market research needs of three in one combines together in one common tool (soldering station,hot air rework, and power supply for repairing mobile phones), there kind of function can be used independent switch or simultaneously, it occupies less area, practical and saves energy, and the product’s performance is improved.
2. The product uses double-sided fiberglass circuit board material, the compon- ents installation processes are performed orderly to ensure the clarity of electric signal flow.
3. Soldering iron.Hot air rework station and DC power supply are using independent dual-core micro-controller,which means they can work independently, when the problem occurs on one tool it does not affect the others. Dual-core CPU is used to avoid failures.
4. Soldering iron Hot air rework used for sensor closed loop circuit, micro-computer zero trigger-controlled temperature, LED display. Larger power, temperature heating goes up quickly, temperature accuracy and stability, avoid to airflow impact, its really lead-free soldering and desoldering. Machine’s parts has self-detection devices, full-intelligent’s over – temperature, short circuit, open circuit, overload etc. Failure of display and protection function.
5. The soldering station, Hot air rework’s temperature are using Intelligent Fuzzy PID control, the exact LED digital display temperature of hot air rework and soldering iron. The program keep tracking of the actual temperature of hot air rework and soldering iron, temperature compensation very quickly, this will further enhance temperature stability.Therefore the temperature steady-state error is relatively small, temperature compensations quickly and can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment.
6. Hot air rework with sensor switch, as long as handgrip thehandle, the system can enter into working mode quickly; handle released into the handle frame, the system will enter into standby mode, operating conveniently,it can prolong heating elements life and protect the hot air gun.
7. Hot air gun use for high – quality heating elements , under the same power, its efficiency can be arrive doubled, which can effectively extend the service life of heating elements and power savings. Outlet way is brushless fan gentle wind and diaphragm pump spiral wind, two type has long life, minimal noise and airvolumecan be adjusted continuously.
8. Power supply part of the recovery with continuous protection to avoid various unexpected burning mobile the phenomenon of interference.
9. USB tape with USB output, can connect phone conveniently meanwhile, the current outplay is 4 LED display, can precise to MN to meet the client need.
10. USB type soldering iron with iron dormancy feature. The micro-computer control prodrome can check the working condition. When the iron is no used more that 10 min. The iron would enter in to dormancy the TEMP, would decrease to 200°C. At that time, would display l’SLP” which could save life and power.
11. Hot air gun Auto/ Manuel feature
a. If choose Auto function, the gun back to the bracket, the machine would cooling down auto martially which could prefect the heater and environment. When turn on the machine again, It would be more safety can effectively avoid some accident arise under the unaware.
b. If choose manual function , even the gun back to bracket, the TEMP, wouldn^ be clown which is suitable for long use of work. Save time and effective. Consider safety. Put the gun to Auto function after finished the works.
12. The mach in not only can repair phone as power supply, but also can test the other voltage.
13. Iron with anti-Static design can prevent the SMD components.
14. Easy to operate.


Model  909D++
Type  LED digital display
Input voltage  220V/50Hz(110V/60Hz)
Weight  4.9kg
Case size  256cm*188*175mm
Inner box size  320*270*200mm
Packing quantity  6 Piece / boxes
Outer packing size  570*350*625mm
Hot air
Working voltage  AC220V/50HZ(AC110V/60Hz)
Power dissipation  700W
Heating element  Skeleton type ceramic heating core
Temperature range  100℃-480℃
Display form  LED digital (resolution 1℃)
Temperature stability  ±1℃
Type of air flow  Brushless fan soft wind
Gas flow  120 L/min(max)
Noise  Less than 45dB
Handle length  About 100cm(Including handle line)
Soldering iron
Working voltage  AC220V/50HZ(AC110V/60Hz)
Output voltage  AC24V
Power dissipation  60W
Heating element  A1321 ceramic heating core
Temperature range  200℃-480℃
Display form  LED digital (resolution 1℃)
Temperature stability  ±2℃(no load)
Handle length  About 100cm(Including handle line)
DC regulated power supply
Working voltage  AC220V/50HZ(AC110V/60Hz)
Output voltage  30W
Output voltage  0-15V
Load current  0-2A
Recovery time  <100us
Ripple noise  <1mvrms(virtual value)
Temperature coefficient  <300PPm/℃
Protection starting current  >Nominal value 10%

Standard Configuration
Machine (include Air gun handle): 1set
Air gun Handle Frame: 1pc
Soldering Iron Handle (include iron tips and heater): 1pc
Iron Holder: 1pc
High Temperature Resistant Sponge: 1pc
Nozzles: 4pcs (5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13*13mm)
Power Supply Test Line: 1pc
Table Pen: 1pc
Power Plug: 1pc
User manual: 1pc

1. Electronic product assembly
2. Product development in scientific research departments
3. Electronic products maintenance
4. Electrical soldering operation
5. Skill training in all kinds of electronic institutions
Suitable for a various kind of soldering or desoldering (removals) purposes of the electronic components such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA,SMD, etc. (especially mobile phone’s cable).
Shrinking, drying Paint drying, adhesive removal, thawing, warming, Plastic welding.

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