///SAIKE 8508D Hot air gun Rework station Air pump
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Project Description

1. SAIKE 8508D hot air rework station applies the unique SAMSUNG SCM and PID program, to precisely control the temperature. Through the precise temperature controlling, you can safeguard the dedicate component while desoldering.
2. Its air gun, which is specially designed to manually and automatically operated, can be set according to the application conditions. It can be manually set to save the repeated heating time, if it has to be frequently used.
3. The case is made of high quality ferro-alloy. It withstands high temperature, as well as perfectly resists abrasion and damage.
4. Our hot air rework station applies the unique temperature resistant material as its handle shell. Therefore, its handle is pretty, and comfortable to touch.
5. It adopts the ceramic skeleton heater of high reliability. The heater can be used for a long time.
6. The stainless steel air outlet of the handle comes with good heat conductivity, and perfectly resists abrasion and oxidation.
7. This SAIKE 8508D hot air rework station adopts the high quality air pump to produce spiral, soft and uniform air flow.


Model  8508D
Type  LED digital display
Input voltage  220V/50Hz(110V/60Hz)
Weight  3.31kg
Case size  255cm*188*175mm
Inner box size  320*270*200mm
Packing quantity  6 Piece / boxes
Outer packing size  570*350*625mm
Hot air
Working voltage  AC220V/50HZ(AC110V/60Hz)
Power dissipation  650W
Heating element  Skeleton type ceramic heating core
Temperature range  100℃-450℃
Display form  LED digital (resolution 1℃)
Temperature stability  ±2℃
Type of air flow  Air pump
Gas flow  24 L/min(max)
Noise  Less than 45dB
Handle length  About 100cm(Including handle line)

Standard Configuration
Machine: 1pc
Manual: 1pc
Air gun handle: 1pc
Nozzles: 3pcs (5mm, 8mm, 10mm)
Handle frame: 1pc
Power plug: 1pc

SAIKE 8508D hot air rework station is applicable for a variety of components desoldering, for instance, SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. It is particularly suitable for small area, high-precision desoldering of SMD components, in addition to the general purpose desoldering.

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