BGA desoldering technology Daquan explain

//BGA desoldering technology Daquan explain

BGA desoldering technology Daquan explain

First,Tin planting tools selection

  1. Tin plate manufacturers planted tin plate can be broadly divided into two categories: one is to make all models are in a big Siamese tin plate; the other is a piece of each IC, the two tin plate Use different way.Siamese tin plate is the use of the solder paste printed on the IC, put the tin sheet ripped open, and then use the hot air gun blow into the ball. This method has the advantage of simple operation into the ball, the disadvantage is

    ①. Solder paste can not be too thin.

    ②. For some IC is not easy on the tin, such as soft-sealed flash or glue after the cpu, when the ball blow ball rolling mess, it is extremely hard on the tin.

    ③. After a tin can not be tin ball size and vacancies for secondary treatment.

    ④. Tin can not be planted with tin plate together with a hot air gun blowing, or planted tin plates will be deformed bulge, resulting in not planting tin.

    The use of small tin plate is the IC fixed to the tin plate below, after the good scraping of the pulp together with the board blowing, cooling the ball after the IC removed. Its advantage is that the hot-air blowing tin plate basic deformation, a planted tin if missing or tin ball is too small too small for secondary treatment, especially for novice to use. I usually use this plant tin plate, the following method we are using this plant tin plate.

  2. Solder slurry is recommended to use imported tin slurry, mostly 0.5-1 kg bottle. Fine particles, slightly dry for superior. It is not recommended to purchase the kind of syringe installed tin slurry. In emergency use, tin paste can also be self-made, can be used to lower the melting point of ordinary solder wire with a hot air gun melted into blocks, with a fine grinding wheel ground into powder, and then use the appropriate amount of flux Stir after use.
  3. There is no special requirement for scraping tools, as long as it is easy to use. We are using flat knives in a six-piece set of GOOT welding tools. Some friends use a screwdriver or even a toothpick can, as long as the hand on the line.
    Will spill solder, easily lead to foot and short circuit.
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